Welcome to Dog Beach - Lisa Greenwald

Welcome to Dog Beach by Lisa Greenwald
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction

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Blurb (on back of book): No one can be sad on Seagate Island. Right?
Eleven-year-old Remy loves Seagate, the island where her grandmother had a house and where her family spends every summer vacation. But this year's different. Remy misses her dog, Danish, who recently passed away, and her two best friends seem busy with other people. Too busy for their usual Seagate traditions.
Things are changing, and Remy feels adrift. She takes comfort in the company of the dogs who spend their days on the island's Dog Beach. When you're sad, no one's better company than a dog. It's on Dog Beach where she hatches a plan to bring her friends closer together, start some new traditions — and recapture Seagate magic!


Another one of Lisa Greenwald's novels, this book is another tale of friendship and change.

Like most of the other books by Lisa Greenwald, this book was pretty predictable. But I liked how the author showed realistic events in middle-school life, and how people and times change. Things can't always be the same as before.

I like the use of dogs in this book, and how the dogs really are a major factor. I also like how three friends are so close, but also willing to let in new people. It was really complicated at first, to remember all of the dogs and the characters and the settings, but after a while, it got easier.

Remy is the narrator of this book. She is not willing to go into change. But she also likes to start new traditions herself. It was her idea to open up a dog-sitting business, and soon it brings Micayla and Bennett and her closer together, since they were slowly drifting apart.

I also like how these three stick together, thought there are fights (like in real life), and crushes (also like real life)! I think that this book was a very accurate depiction of middle-school life, and all of its troubles, trials, and friendships. This was really a good read.

I would recommend this book to all middle-schoolers, most especially eleven- and twelve-year-olds. Please comment below on what you thought about this review and about the book ;)

Main Character: Remy Boltuck
Sidekick(s): Micayla, Bennett, Claire, Mr. Brookfield, Calvin
Villain(s): Change, new people, new friends, old friends (in a way)
Realistic Fiction Elements: All of this could happen in real life though it does not mean that it will.