Orange Vol. 2 - Ichigo Takano

Orange Vol. 2 by Ichigo Takano
Genre: YA Sci Fic Manga

Image result for orange mangaBlurb (on back of book)During the spring of the second high school, sixteen-year-old Naho receives a strange letter. The sender is herself ten years in the future and the content is an unsettling request: "Please do not have my own regrets". Talking about what would have happened from then on, the letter turns out to be incredibly authentic!
But what are the regrets that grip Naho's heart in the future? Will they have to do with Kakeru, a sociable but sad-looking guy who has just moved to Tokyo? A poignant and unique love story with a sci-fi background that moved and fascinated readers in Japan and around the world

Bonus Summer Reading Challenge #13.5

I found this one slightly more interesting than the first volume because it focused more on her relationships with the two boys rather than her new findings about the letter.

The letter still played a large role, obviously, but we also started to see Naho making her own choices based on how her own present was changing based on her previous decisions.

Kakeru and Naho have a more romantic relationship though both are shy and confused about where they are going.

We also see more about Kakeru’s life and what may have happened to him in the future world.

I liked how the concepts of time travel and such were explained because it was very helpful to think about possibilities such as black holes, parallel universes, and such.

I would recommend this book to readers looking for a fun and emotional sci fi novel.

Main Character: Naho
Sidekick(s): Kakeru, Suwa, etc
Villain(s): Death, depression, etc
Sci-Fi Elements: This book has elements of time travel