Works Cited for Images Used in November; Goodbye November; Hello December!
-When Dimple Met Rishi
-The Start of Me and You

-History is All You Left Me
-Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile
-Being Jazz: The Life of a (Transgender) Teen

-Twenty Boy Summer
-Long Way Down

-It's Not Summer Without You
-The Season of You and Me
-Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze

-Dear Martin

Yes I do know this is late and I was busy and I forgot. So yeah. 

13 books read this month AND I caught up with my Goodreads reading goal!!

This is a GIF-worthy moment, only I am too lazy to search one up :P

I read my memoir this month! YAYAY! (For those of you who don't know, I generally read one memoir a year at least)

I reread a couple of books and I also read a LOT of really amazing romance novels as well as some powerful books, like Dear Martin and History is All You Left Me. I read some that were okay so this was a REALLY good month for me, personally.

What have I been doing? Um, I've been working on a school musical (and it's definitely my best one yet), I have been doing A LOT of work for school, and we're launching water bottle rockets today! I also have been writing and I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time this year!

Four hour play practice rehearsals are so DRAINING and EXHAUSTING but also REALLY FUN!

Tomorrow are opening performances and I'm so excited!!

We're doing Secret Snowflake (like Secret Santa) in my English class and I can't wait for the gift giving. It's on December 13, meaning that I have to get a gift by then!

So that's it! I have to work on my novel some more (we're in the editing process) so yeah!

Goodbye November :(

Hello December :)