Life By Committee - Corey Ann Haydu

Life By Committee by Corey Ann Haydu
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction

Blurb (on back of book)Some secrets are too good to keep.
Image result for life by committeeTabitha might be the only girl in the history of the world who actually gets less popular when she gets hot. But her so-called friends say she’s changed, and they’ve dropped her flat. 
Now Tab has no one to tell about the best and worst thing that has ever happened to her: Joe, who spills his most intimate secrets to her in their nightly online chats. Joe, whose touch is so electric, it makes Tab wonder if she could survive an actual kiss. Joe, who has Tabitha brimming with the restless energy of falling in love. Joe, who is someone else’s boyfriend.
Just when Tab is afraid she’ll burst from keeping the secret of Joe inside, she finds Life by Committee. The rules of LBC are simple: tell a secret, receive an assignment. Complete the assignment to keep your secret safe. 
Tab likes it that the assignments push her to her limits, empowering her to live boldly and go further than she’d ever go on her own.
But in the name of truth and bravery, how far is too far to go?


This is one of the first books that I actually liked in a long time. I guess my view on books after reading Black City soured for a while. But I'm good again. 

This was a really strong book that was unlike other contemporary novels. Let's just do a list of what I liked...

*Devon. He was AMAZING. I just loved him.
*The day when they all shared the secrets in front of the whole school. That was amazing and something that I wish could happen in real life.
*All the books in the book
*The fact that she finally got over Joe after forever
*The LBC

So yeah. It's not very long but those were the highlights of the book by far.

Some quotes:

"People keep smiling at me on their way up the ramp, but I am so heart-poundingly stupified by the response to my outpouring of secrets that I don't smile back. I can't get my head around the way one action done for a totally selfish reason has caused something so large and generous and profound." Page 284

"He makes eye contact with me. He is all haunted blue eyes and skinny arms under his long-sleeve tee. He smiles and waves, and first I think: cute." Page 180 (Talking about Devon and not Joe for once)

So the one thing I disliked about this book was Joe. I do not understand what Tabitha saw in Joe, but I hated him. He was annoying and he was fake and just ugh. I could not handle reading about him.

Tabitha was also kind of annoying at times. It was like, all she could think about was Joe and she never thought about anything else. And hasn't she heard of Internet safety? Why would you just share that your dad is addicted to weed and that you kissed someone else's boyfriend on the Internet to completely random strangers?

We never did get to know who Zed or Star was or any of the other people on the website except for Agnes.

Did anyone else think that Sasha Cotton was annoying? She was so clingy and just irritating.

Okay, so I know this was short but I have another review to write and some other stuff to do so...

I would recommend this book to realistic fiction lovers.

Main Character: Tabitha
Sidekick(s): Devon, Elise, Joe, etc
Villain(s): Jemma, Sasha, etc
Realistic Fiction Elements: This book was all very real to life.