Works Cited for Images Used in March; Goodbye March; Hello April!

-All the Bright Places
-Say What You Will

-Clockwork Angel

-The Book of Broken Hearts

-Clockwork Prince

OMG I only read five books this month!!!

I have been going through a really bad reading slump lately, and I am so sorry about it! I will try to do better for April, but I can't make any promises. Then again, The Infernal Devices is a very long series, with over 1500 pages in all, so you know... THAT COUNTS AS TRIPLE BOOKS XD

I know, I know, I said I would read 14 books and I even made a list, but still. I got wrapped up in other things and new books overtook the ones I originally wanted to read.

I watch a little BookTube and I always find new books from there, so you know... I added some and lost the others.

Books I Now Want To Read for April:

1. Clockwork Princess
2. Me Before You
3. Carve the Mark

I do plan to read more, but I am not sure yet. The Mortal Instruments is LONG, so it might take me the whole month. I do plan to do updated reviews on the ones I have already read, so please keep in mind of that and feel free to compare my changes and similarities of my past reading love of the series.

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