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So I'm just looking back at this list and wondering how I only read this much.

Then again, I was sick for about two weeks, and I don't do basically anything when I'm sick. So that took about two weeks of reading off of my daily schedule.

I'm glad I read what I did. I mean, basically every single book I've read this month was something I had on my goals and that's good. I wish I had read more, but this is good, as I count books over 300 pages as two books, and that means I read well over 10 books. Yay, all of the books I read were 4.5 or 5 stars! I think.

I don't want to go check.

I'm also keeping up with some school reading and some Goodreads reading. I am also starting to beta read for users, so please email me at if you have any questions. Lastly, I think that I am writing so much that it basically counts as reading when I edit. I wrote a bunch for some writing contests and some more of my novel, which I really want to finish soon.


I am planning to read Happily Ever After, A List of Cages, The Wishing World, The Fill-in Boyfriend, Carry On, and try to find some others soon. Hopefully I can finish this all in February, but we must remember that it is a shorter month, not that that necessarily matters. But I'll have to shorten my goals to make them more realistic.

Please view my FanFiction, my Goodreads account, and my other blogs,  all of which are somewhere on this blog.

Yeah, that's basically it for now! I can't believe one month of a new year has passed. It's now February, basically my favorite month of the year and I'm so excited! February is an amazing month for multiple reasons.