Random Updates

Hi all!

OK, so today I am just putting random updates on here because I really have nothing else to do. I am still reading and I am almost done with 2-3 books, so be ready! Make sure to come back!

1) I pinkified iWrite.

For those of you who don't like pink, I am so sorry, but I just had to. I wanted to do it to iRead, but I couldn't. I really don't think of books as "pink" so...now that I think about it, I don't think about writing as pink either. Oh well. I will probably be changing it soon anyways.

Comment below on what you think about that! Any suggestions???? I can also change iRead or Gameview. Just comment!

2) I am planning to start a new blog yet again called iRandom either today or tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW ME because I cannot add more than 10 people to my mailing list, and I have a LOT of friends so...

The way you do that is go to iRead and click on the follow button. Do the same here. If you receive an email format (you know who you are), you have to go to the actual website in order to do this. Sorry about that. I don't know why.

Also, if you want to comment, please go tho the actual website also. I try my best to publish all comments that you guys make within the hour, but I might not always be able to. Please keep on doing it though. I would love to have a bigger website database.

OK, thanks so much for reading. I will be adding this to iWrite too, and I hope that you all will read!