Works Cited for Images Used in August; Goodbye August; Hello September!
-Keeper of the Lost Cities
-Dog Beach Unleashed
-Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts 1 & 2)
-Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile
-New Moon

I can't believe this month and this summer has just flown by! Time is going by just too fast and it is too hard for me to keep up! I have read so much during the summer, and I will continue to read and review during the rest of the year. Sorry if the posts become shorter and less often: I will be super busy during the year! Don't worry, I will try to find the time, and I will continue to read! Like always, if you have any requests for me to read/review, please comment below!
Which post did you enjoy the most this month? Please comment below and let me know!
I have added many features to my blog both this month and last month. I don't think I ever listed them all, so please read on:

1) I added a text box on the right side of my blog. It is basically just a note about reading!
2) I added a search bar right underneath the text box to search my blog!
3) I added a list of my most popular posts for easy access! Please read and comment! ;)
4) I moved my blog archive to below my popular posts!
5) I moved my "all about me" to below the popular posts list! Please read and view my profile!
6) I added a "follow by email" feature! If you would like to receive my posts by email instead of having to check my blog, please feel free to add your email there.
7) I added a featured post gadget, which basically shows any post of my choosing for easy access. I change these every two weeks or so.
8) I added an image with a quote: please read!
9) I added a list of my favorite books! This is sure to change as my reading evolves, so please check it whenever you like!
10) On the bottom of my blog, I added a gadget that shows how many views I have had on my blog! Right now, it is very low, so please visit as much as you would like!
11) I added a list of blogs that I like to check, so please feel free to check them if you like!
12) Lastly, I added a gadget on top of my blog showing other websites that I currently have! Please feel free to check them out!

I have taken away the link to my last works cited post, but it is still available in my archives!

I just started a new blog during the month called iWrite! I hope you like it!

*This does not mean that I will not continue to update iRead.

**If you have any ideas for a new blog for me to start, please comment below!

I hope you all had a good summer! I feel sad to say goodbye to this month of August, but I can brighten up again when I can say hi to September!!!!

*Please comment!!! Thanks, MIC ;)

** is Shannon Messenger's blog for all you fans of KOTLC and the Let the Sky Fall series!!!! Thanks, MIC :)

***Please excuse my not blogging lately! This is my slowest month of blogging! I will try to do better next month!