Sincerely (Two books in one: Sincerely, Sophie and Sincerely, Katie) - Courtney Sheinmel

Sincerely (Two books in one: Sincerely, Sophie and Sincerely, Katie) by Courtney Sheinmel
Genre: J Realistic Fiction

Blurb (on back of book): New York City: Sophie Turner's life is spinning out of control. Her parents are fighting, and her best friend is suddenly too cool to hang out with her. When her teacher assigns the class a nationwide pen-pal project, Sophie thinks it will be just another boring homework assignment. But soon she begins to realize that she can tell her pen pal, Katie, thing she can't tell anyone else.
Redwood City, California: Katie thinks she has it all — an awesome best friend, Jake, a cool aunt Jean, and an exciting charity project. So what if her parents seem to care more about her big sister, Julie, than they do about her? But when Jake seems to like another girl more than Katie, and Aunt Jean seems distant and distracted, Katie does something she's not proud of. She's afraid she'll lose everything and everyone she cares about — but at least Sophie is still willing to listen.


Firstly, that is one of the longest titles on my blog!

I really enjoyed reading both books in this two-in-one. Both Sophie and Katie have really different personalities, but are dealing with somewhat similar problems.

I can't decide which story I liked more. Both intrigued me in different ways, and I think that both stories are so different that it is almost impossible to like one better than the other.

I like how Sophie is very determined to help out, and I also like how she knows that she has problems and does something about them.

I liked how Katie was very determined also, but in a different way. Her best friend likes someone else, and she is being left out. She ends up becoming friends with the other girl, despite a very large mistake that she accidentally did to both Jake and the girl. I also like how Katie knows that Julie, her sister, needs help, and she lets her parent's do what they need to do. Katie also is very determined to help out after an earthquake.

When Sophie and Katie finally meet, I feel like everything goes back to normal. Both girls have better lives, and now they have made a friendship that will never break.

Despite this book's length and thickness, I would recommend this book to fifth-, sixth-, and even seventh-graders. I think that all preteens would enjoy reading this.

Sincerely, Sophie
Main Character: Sophie Turner
Sidekick(s): Katie, Jessie, Haley, Madden Preston, Marachel, Lily
Villain(s): Jealousy (in a way), Jessie (at a point), life, divorce
Realistic Fiction Elements: All of this could happen in real life, though it does not mean that it will.

Sincerely, Katie
Main Character: Katie
Sidekick(s): Aunt Jean, Jake, Doriane, Julie, Sophie
Villain(s): Misunderstanding, mistakes
Realistic Fiction Elements: All of this could happen in real life, though it does not mean that it will.

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