Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile - Shannon Messenger

 Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile by Shannon Messenger
Genre: Junior/Teen Fantasy

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Blurb (on back of book): Sophie Foster thought she was safe. Settled in to her home at Havenfield, surrounded by friends, and using her unique telepathic abilities to train Silveny — the first female alicorn ever scene in the Lost Cities — her life finally seems to be coming together.
But Sophie's kidnappers are still out there. And when Sophie discovers new messages and clues from the mysterious Black Swan group, she's forced to take a terrifying risk — one that puts everyone in incredible danger.
In this second book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must uncover hidden memories as long-buried secrets rise to the surface, before someone close to her is lost forever... 


I absolutely loved this book!

I actually finished rereading this book last week, but I haven't been able to review on it until today. My schedule has gotten really busy, so I am really sorry that I am not posting lately :(

I think that this series keeps getting better and better, even though I have read this book once already (now twice). It is a completely different type of story from other books, and I can barely see any similarities with this series and the Harry Potter series, unlike some people on Goodreads, etc.

Sophie is a really strong character. She is someone that girls all around can relate to, and is someone that could pose as a good role model.

This one used to be my least favorite book of the whole series (though I like them all), but as I reread it, I can relate more to it, and I think that it is actually one of the best ones, if not the best because I can understand it better now.

But Lodestar hasn't come out yet! By the way, it comes out in November of this year :)

Fitz is still my favorite character, though the books seem to be edging more towards Keefe, even though Dex was the biggest character in book one other than Sophie. Fitz and Biana get the spotlight at times, but not as much as some of the other characters (but they get more scenes towards the end, especially Fitz - for all you Sophitz fans!!!).

I am definitely a Sophitz ship supporter, though I think that Team Foster-Keefe could also work well! Please comment below to tell me what you think about the KOTLC ships!

Overall, I would recommend this book to preteens and younger teens. It was a wonderful second book, and it might even be considered better than the first.

Main Character: Sophie Foster
Sidekick(s): Dex, Fitz, Keefe, Biana, Alden, Grady, Edaline, the Councillors, Elwin, etc
Villain(s): misunderstandings, the rebels, Stina, etc
Fantasy Elements: Unreal settings, characters, and creatures.

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