Dog Beach Unleashed - Lisa Greenwald

Dog Beach Unleashed by Lisa Greenwald
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction

Blurb (on back of book): Summer is full of surprises!
Remy can't wait for another perfect summer on Seagate Island. It's time to bring back her successful dog-sitting business on Dog Beach and see her favorite friends: Micayla, Bennett, and the C Twins! But instead of sunny days and fun in the sand, the summer is off to a rainy start. Remy and the dogs have cabin fever, especially Lester the cocker spaniel, who just can't seem to stay put. To make matters worse, Remy's friendship with Bennett is starting to feel complicated.
It suddenly seems as if so many things are spinning out of Remy's control, most of all the brewing storm that's threatening to ruin Seagate's Centennial celebration and the rest of the summer. What can one twelve-year-old do to create summer magic when the summer doesn't seem to be showing up? On Seagate Island, there are always some surprises in store.


I think that this book was even better than the first one, if that can be even possible!

The thing that I love about realistic fiction is that the author always tells it like it is. Lisa Greenwald never misses a detail. It is so precise that I can always see what the characters look like, what they are doing, what the setting is like, and even the weather.


Remy is only twelve-years-old, but she tries her best to be mature and independent, only to realize that what she needs is help from other people. I think that Remy has so many problems to worry about that it is hard to sort them out myself! A brewing storm to ruin summer: terrible! But I think that what Remy doesn't understand is that sometimes plans change, and you need to go with it. A best friend who likes the same guy you thought you did: hard. But I think that Remy was being a bit selfish about Bennett. I mean, you can't really help who you like. A new person who you like and who likes you back: good, but also complicated. It is a bit difficult to sort out your feelings at this point. Troubles with the dogs: trying.

I completely understand how Remy feels when she faces so many problems. The same thing has happened to me, though with different problems of course. But what you have to understand is that sometimes you have to climb over the obstacles of life, instead of letting it stop you.

Bennett is one of my favorite characters. I felt so bad for him at all of the parts when he and Remy are "open" about their feelings. Bennett is one of those people who friendship doesn't satisfy, though things end well.

Micayla is a good character also, but I think that she expects too much of Remy, though that isn't really her fault. Remy never told her everything, so Micayla doesn't know the full story. Micayla is also a nice friend most of the time, and she knows how to make people feel better.

The C twins are dealing with hard times throughout the book, but they learn to go through it. I think that their characters really show that people deal with hardships in different ways. For example, Claire cries a lot when her parents are getting divorced, but Calvin stays quiet and bottles it all up. People just show different emotions at similar problems.

Overall, this was definitely one of my favorite books, and if a third book ever comes out, I will for sure be reading it, poring the pages, and then, of course, reviewing it here! I would recommend this book to preteens.

Main Character: Remy Boltuck
Sidekick(s): Bennett Newhouse, Micayla Walcott, Calvin and Claire, the dogs (in a way)
Villain(s): Change, storms
Realistic Fiction Elements: All of this could happen in real life, though it does not necessarily mean it will.