Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes - Lisa Greenwald

Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes by Lisa Greenwald
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction

Blurb (on back of book): Take three best friends
Mix in an epic, school-closing blizzard
Add a dash of Valentine's Day romance
And bake until sweet!
Olivia, Kate, and Georgia have been best friends since their families all moved into the same Brooklyn apartment building. But lately their friendship has been strained, as confident Kate doesn't notice much but the latest gossip, shy Georgia can't say out loud what's always on her mind, and both Georgia and Kate are ready for Olivia to stop being an observer and start taking action — especially when it comes to the object of her megacrush. They're still best friends, but for how much longer?
When a blizzard turns Valentine's Day into a snow day, the girls hatch a plan to distribute homemade fortune cookies throughout their building. If their scheme works, it might bring a little bit of romance and happiness to their neighbors — and perhaps remind each other why they're such good friends to begin with!


This is yet another one of Lisa Greenwald's novels.

I really enjoyed reading this book, though not as much as My Life in Pink and Green and the rest of the series (which will be reviewed shortly). I really liked reading from all three girl's perspectives. I also like how all of them have a completely different personality.

I think that it is so true that when you have a threesome, someone always feels left out. It doesn't mean that you aren't as good; it just means that the other two might want to spend a little alone time together. That isn't a bad thing.

I like how all three of them are really close friends, despite all of the problems that they face. Olivia is an observer; she likes to write things down in her notebook. She likes to observe everything, but most especially PBJ, her crush. But her friends easily get tired of hearing about him.

Kate is an outgoing, boy-crazy girl who likes to be really open. Sometimes she says things that she later regrets. They just "come out for no reason". Kate is a go-getter, a leader, and a good friend.

Georgia is a really shy and secretive person. She tries to hide things, but in the end, she learns that keeping secrets are hard, especially from your best friends, no matter how hard you try. It isn't easy to hide something forever.

I also like the fortune-cookie idea, and how the three girls go about the building and pass out fortune cookies from Georgia's parent's restaurant. They are really special; they might even have a little magic in them. I like how this idea made the people in the building meet other people, and how they can spread fun and even romance from such a little thing.

Overall, this was another good read by Lisa Greenwald. This book is definitely something that fans of The Mother-Daughter Book Club series will love. This book is suitable for all middle-schoolers.

Main Character(s): Kate, Georgia, Olivia
Sidekick(s): The inhabitants in the building (in a way), their parents
Villain(s): Crushes (in a way), secrets, seventh grade
Realistic Fiction Elements: All of this could happen in real life, though it does not really mean it will