My Summer of Pink and Green - Lisa Greenwald

My Summer of Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction

Blurb (on back of book): Lucy Desberg is a problem solver. She's mastered every makeup crisis in town, her best friend has her first boyfriend (thanks to Lucy's love advice), and best of all, she won a grant that will enable her to transform their pharmacy into a modern eco-spa. Life couldn't be better for the budding entrepreneur.

But things aren't perfect for long. Lucy's sister and her best friend would rather hang out with their boyfriends than with Lucy — leaving her with the spa investor's extremely irritating daughter. Plus there's a new coordinator in charge of the renovations, who pushes her gently but firmly aside. Even with all the changes the family's going through, no one seems to want Lucy's problem-solving expertise.
What's a girl to do? It's time for another Lucy Desberg makeover. But this time, it's a life makeover.


This was yet another extremely good read by Lisa Greenwald (and more are yet to come!). 

I loved reading about Lucy Desberg's adventures again. Although this book was not as good as the first one in my opinion, I think that it still was a pretty good book, and an enjoyable read. It was definitely another page-turner, and it was really hard to put down.

I like how this book deals with "grown-up problems", but also general middle-school problems. Lucy is now in seventh grade, and it seems as if everything changes then. I also like how Lucy learns to deal with her problems; and also fix her mistakes.


Lucy tries so hard to be noticed, but people underestimate her again. I really like how Lisa Greenwald shows how kids are totally brushed off by their elders. I also like how Lucy pulls through in the end, and saves their "lives" again.

I also liked to read about how she deals with problems about her best friend, her "almost-boyfriend", and just basic school life, such as new friends and old enemies.

This book was definitely one of my favorites by Lisa Greenwald. I would recommend it to middle-schoolers, since the characters are all mostly in middle-school.

Main Character: Lucy Desberg
Sidekick(s): Sunny Ramal, Yamir Ramal, Bevin
Villain(s): New friends (in a way), boyfriends, being young
Realistic Fiction Elements: All of this could happen in real life, though it most likely never will.