My Life in Pink & Green - Lisa Greenwald

My Life in Pink & Green by Lisa Greenwald
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction

Blurb (on back of book): Lucy Desberg knows what she wants and is prepared to fight for it, whether it's great makeup, a killer business plan, or a better world.
When the local homecoming queen shows up at the Desberg family drugstore with a beauty disaster that Lucy helps to fix, word gets out, and suddenly Lucy has a line of makeover customers for every school dance and bat mitzvah in Connecticut. But it'll take more than makeovers to save the struggling pharmacy. Lucy searches long and hard for a solution that would revive the family business and help the environment, too. But will Lucy's spacy mom and stubborn grandma stop fightig long enough to listen to a seventh-grader?


I loved reading this page-turner!

For a while, I couldn't put the book down. I literally had to tell myself to stop reading, lest I read too fast and feel hungry for more. There are sequels which I will be reading shortly, and I can hardly wait!

This book was amazing. It shows how kids can do anything that they set their minds to, and can end up with amazing results, despite what their parents (or grandparents) say or believe. This story shows a twelve-year-old girl trying to save her family pharmacy. Her grandma and her mom already gave up hope, but despite what they say, Lucy thinks she still has a chance. When she finds a way to save their business, she secretly goes through with it. When she finally tells her mom and grandma, they brush it off, saying that it will never work. Lucy feels downgraded because her elders won't listen. But in the end, this book shows that anyone can do anything.

I really liked how this book also mixed in tons of middle-school drama, from makeovers to parties to first crushes. This book was hilarious in some parts, but also had a good amount of seriousness in others.

I would recommend this book to anyone, but most particularly to twelve-year-olds, and seventh-graders because this book really means a lot to this age group.

Main Character: Lucy Desberg
Sidekick(s): Sunny Ramal, Yamir Ramal
Villain(s): MONEY, adults (in a way), being a minor
Realistic Fiction Elements: All of this could happen in real life, though it most likely will not.