Spin the Bottle - Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Spin the Bottle by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Genre: J Realistic Fiction

Blurb (on back of book): Middle school is an Entirely New Planet. The girls have grown in Glamorous and Complicated ways, and the boys look... well, weird. Phoebe Hart, Aspiring Actress, feels lost in this sea of changing bodies and cracking voices. All she wants is to hang out with her ever-dependable best friend Harper, and to join the Drama Club, where there are real auditions for actual parts in a genuine play that doesn't involve food groups or dancing chickens. 
But then Phoebe hears about the Drama Club's opening night tradition — Spin the Bottle. Eek.
Things are suddenly a lot more complicated.
a heart-stopping, Frisbee-wielding,
tall and dark-haired boy-crush,
an Unfortunate Digestive Malfunction,
a best friend who might not be,
two bloodthirsty Drama Divas,
and a certain spinning... spinning...
spinning... bottle.
Is it worth all the drama?
You be the judge. Welcome to middle school, Phoebe Hart.


This is yet another realistic fiction book, set for middle-schoolers. It goes through the same basic elements: heroine, middle-school, problems, crushes, best friends and fights, making up with friends, and many more elements that all fit in with middle-school or teen fiction. But this book was extraordinary because it shows the adventure of a girl who has just started middle-school and is still the same as when she was in elementary school. She is new to the whole experience, but all she knows is that she wants to join the drama club.


Along the way she meets a handsome (or cute) crush that is very obvious that he likes her. He finally admits to it towards the end. Of course, she is forced to play Spin the Bottle, which is a Drama Club tradition. She finds out that her OOMA (Object of My Affection) is also in the Drama Club, and basically dreams about him night and day. He obviously has a crush on her too because he helps her out and doesn't laugh at her like most boys would. 

This book also shows that people may not always be what they seem. For example, Delilah is a star actress, and seems nice. Phoebe basically idolizes her, but then she finds out that Delilah is not a good person at all. She is mean and backstabs people she pretends to be nice to. All she wants is to be the star, and she hates Mia, another awesome actress (love the alliteration!). 

I would recommend this book to people who like contemporary novels about middle-school, and also to fans of The Mother-Daughter Book Club series, and other books like it.

Main Character: Phoebe Hart
Sidekick(s): Harper T., Tucker, and Savanna
Villain: Delilah
Realistic Fiction Elements: This could happen in real life, though it is not likely to happen anytime soon!