If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period - Gennifer Choldenko

If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period by Gennifer Choldenko
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction

Blurb (on back of book): TWO KIDS. TWO LIVES. 

For Kirsten McKenna, the world is crumbling. Her parents are barely speaking to each other, and her best friend has come under the sp
ell of the school's queen bee, Brianna. Only Kirsten's younger science-geek sister is on her side. 
For Walker Jones, the goal is to survive at the new white private school his mm has sent him to because she thinks he's going to screw up likhis cousin. (Walk keeps telling her, "Don't have to worry, Momma. Before I go bad I'll let you know, sen a Hallmark card ready-made for the occasion... 'On the eve your son messes up.'")
But Walk is a good kid. So is his new friend, Matteo though no one knows why Matteo will do absolutely anything that hot blond Brianna asks of him.
Then Kirsten discovers something that shakes her and Walk to their cores....
"You knew all along," Walk says.
"No I didn't."
"You're lying... You found out and then you told the whole world."


This book has a good plot and a nice storyline, with exciting characters who are two completely different people whose worlds collide suddenly. It had nice ideas and interesting chapters that makes people want to read more and more.

Gennifer Choldenko has written many books, such as the Al Capone series, and Notes From a Liar and Her Dog. She is a remarkable writer with a unique writing style and good ideas that she is able to put onto paper in a way that attracts readers of all ages.

I would recommend this book to middle-schoolers and even some high-schoolers. Libraries put it into the young-adult section for multiple reasons, but some younger (pre-teens, etc) readers might find this book a good read for them. I would only recommend this book to mature readers who can handle certain situations that occur in the book.

Overall, this book was interesting, though at some points, it was a bit confusing. But it is a book that keeps you hooked and want to keep on reading until the very end!

Main Character(s): Kirsten McKenna and Walker "Walk" Jones
Sidekicks: Kirsten, Walk, Rory, Jade, Matteo, Hair Boy, etc
Villain: NA
Realistic Fiction Elements: All of this could be possible in real life, though it does not necessarily mean that it is.